How To Update Window 10 To Windows 11 in Hindi

Upgrade to Windows 11: Hello friends, today in this article we will tell you (Windows 11 Upgrade). microsoft new and latest Operating System Windows 11 Windows 10 . free how upgrade , Microsoft has introduced its new and latest operating system Windows 11 has been launched. Along with this they Windows 10 to new OS Windows 11 to upgrade but this option Windows 10 Laptop it is only on Laptop or PC with Intel 8th Gen Coffee Lake or Zen 2 CPU or latest configuration is available. ,

PC Windows 11. Upgrade these minimum system requirements . If your Windows does not meet these requirements, you can Windows 11 upgrade If you’re not sure whether your PC meets these requirements, you can check with your PC manufacturer (OEM) or, if your device is already Windows 10  running PCHealth Check app use

What is Windows in Hindi

Windows is an operating system created by Microsoft company. Which has been going on for many years. And people are very fond of this operating system. People have liked all the versions of Windows very much. But this time the Microsoft company has launched something different.

Yes friends, this time Windows 11 has been launched by Microsoft company. Which is very good and many people are also liking it. Which has already brought a lot of good performance. Which is already quite fast and features are present in it. Last time the taskbar in Windows 10 is on the left. But this time the taskbar has been done in the center in Windows 11. Which gives a much better look than before.

Talking about its features, you will get to see very good features in it.

do you know? Windows launches all its versions every year. But after Windows 10, Windows 11 has been launched after 6 years. Of course it took a long time. But Windows 11 Coffee is about to get better in front of you. So let’s know about its best features

1. Android App Support Android apps support

is available in Windows 11. This means that you can run your mobile applications on your laptop or computer running Windows 11. What can be more fun than this.

Microsoft company has made Windows 11 in this way. In which you can install your Android Apps very easily. And can also use it easily. The App Store will be available to install Android apps. Windows 11 also has Microsoft Store like Google Play Store. Social media as far as available facebook, whatsapp, Instagram, Netflix, Hotstar, canva, games, calculatorWhere do you get all kinds of apps likeHe can download all the apps. For this, you will not need a separate emulator like Bluestacks, Nox Player.

2. Unique Interface

Microsoft company always does something new, brings something new and this time also Windows 11 has brought something very different like Unique Interface which is very good.

As soon as you open the home page of Windows 11, you get to see a very funny interface. And in this you get to see the menu bar in the middle. Which is very stylish in appearance. And the rest of the icons are seen with soft edge. Which gives very nice interface.

3. Best Gaming Experience

Whenever we buy a computer or laptop, somewhere we see how the game will run in it. Whatever be the laptop, the operating system should be good and the games should run very well in it.

If you are also very fond of playing games, then Windows 11 is going to prove to be tremendous for you. Because in this you are going to see very good gaming support. In this, you will be able to play high definition games very easily. And all the games are very simple. It will run smoothly.

In Windows 11, you also get to see the support of Auto HDR, which is very useful while playing high definition games, in this your computer will not slow down and your game will run very well, in this you also get to see features. Xbox app. Which is great.

4. Virtual Desktop Support

In Windows 11, you get to see a very good Virtual Desktop Support. Which you don’t get in the older version, this feature is very useful. In this you can do many things at once.

With the help of this feature, there are many tasks that you could not handle in the old version, but in this version, you can handle multiple tasks at once, like any personal work, your office work, your school project. Can do more things together.

5. Best Widgets Look in Windows 11

, especially this feature has been added so that the user experience is very good, all widgets like features, files or software will be in all round widgets which look very attractive and Windows in 11 The features have been brought so that the user gets a new experience.

How to download

Windows 11 Now Windows 11 is available for download for everyone, so go to your computer’s settings and check once that Windows 11 update is showing on your computer or not.

If the update is coming in your computer, then you just update the system. After the update is complete, your computer will start running Windows 11.

If there is no Win 11 update in System Update, then you should choose another way. That is, now you have to buy Windows 11. Only after this you will be able to run Windows 11.

If you do not want to spend money then you can download and run Windows 11 Leaked or Windows 11 Cracked. For this just go to Google and search by writing windows 11 download.

When you search on Google, you get the website at the top. Windows 11 download link will be found in it. The setup file will start downloading as soon as you click on this link.

WARNING: We recommend only using a purchased or upgraded version of Windows 11. We do not recommend using a leaked/cracked version of Windows 11. This can be harmful to your computer. Which will be your own responsibility.

Microsoft has clearly stated in its blog post that to update PC in Windows 11, we do not need to download anything separately, just we have to update our Windows, to download Windows 11 updating files After install and windows 10 will upgrade to

windows 11 and what is required to install windows 11

step – 1

first of all you have to download and install pc health check app and check that your system is ready to install windows 11 Eligible or not, your computer or laptop will not make any problem to install windows 11 or not, you all this PC Health Check App


What is required to install windows 11

  • ? Must have and windows should be activated means windows 10 must be original
  • pc/system at least 4gb ram
  • must be good source of internet internet speed will be good when we update windows 10 to windows 11

want friends In order to update your computer or laptop from Windows 10 to Windows 11, we need to follow the same process that we did to update Windows 7 to Windows 10, just like we update Windows 10 We need to update our Windows too. And as soon as windows 11 update is downloaded we have to install it and our windows 10 windows 11


  • first of all we have to press windows button from keyboard and click on setting
  • now we have to update and securitynow
  • Now we will see that our windows updates have started downloading,
  • we have to wait till the downloading% is 0 to 100%, as soon as it is 100% downloaded, click on install updates and our window Updates and security will begin


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